Scales are constructed using semantic differential principles.

The data were collected anonymously and the respondents completed the survey questionnaires privately to ensure confidentiality.

The major limitation of this research is the fact that there the gathering of information was difficult and it took time that is; data access especially the information that could help the researcher in backing her point.

These improvements also create an openness to change that can give a company the ability to respond quickly to market changes and sustain a first mover advantage in the marketplace.

Questionnaire survey / Motivation motivation survey

Organizations should not rely solely on salary, bonus or other monetary and nonmonetary incentives to motivate the diverse workforce due to the limitations it brings. This research utilizes the survey questionnaire data collected in MayJune. The study also examines how an organization can motivate its employees.

Development to motivation of staff A sample of 27 employees out of 1000 employees was se- lected for study Survey questionnaires were.

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Finally the study concluded that, the workers are not satisfied with the current salary and the fairness of the wages system compared to the tasks they do.

Studying employee motivation which influence and determine human behavior in worth because ultimately all the aspects related to employee motivation ultimately leads to good industrial relationship enhances inter personal relation ultimately leads to increase productivity and growth of the organization.

Thirty items related to work stress were developed through intensive qualitative interviews with policymakers, healthcare managers and community health workers, a review of the literature, and an initial pilot study.

Still, some strategies are prevalent across all organizations striving to improve employee motivation.

Purpose: Today people care more about what happens tomorrow, and want to contribute to ensuring the future of our children, and the health of our communities and planet. Communication and control processes in the delivery of service quality.

Also, given that this investigation primarily focused on the extrinsic and intrinsic motivation of employees in large firm, it may be possible to expand the research in the future to discover related suppositions.

He or negative outcomes motivate their motivation questionnaire was conducted a thorough study.

Statement of the Problem The importance of employee retention and work motivation is growing all the time for companies.

Further appreciation of labour turnover increased productivity and employee motivation survey questionnaire the most dissatisfying types of